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More releases coming soon Summer 2012
Nikki Oldaker,
Indy Producer/Writer
07/11//22 - Audio Books Chapters Completed ""The Life of Samuel Tilden" 
All chapters now produced...Pick and choose which topics you prefer to listen to.
All free on YouTube.

Very excited to announce Documentary series now in production...Each segment will be a chapter by chapter doc from the two volume books "The Life of Samuel Tilden" written by John Bigelow Revised, edited and publish by me.

The Podcast will follow the Documentary. Look forward to discussing Tilden, Bigelow and Andrew H Green (nicknamed "The Father of New York") for all the great projects he developed quietly behind the scenes. These men were all Public Servants...despised corruption. Their work was for the good of mankind.

Watch Intro video to the will link you to all free chapters .

Other Videos produced can also be seen on YouTube and Vimeo
Read Free Final Draft Script program 7.1 or higher  or .pdf -Tilden's story would make a great mini-series or feature film.
Film Trailer  for  "TILDEN" regarding election controversary below.
06/18/13 - 
 Film Trailer  for "Tilden" is ready.

Also revised and edited Volume One of "The Like of Samuel J. Tilden" - When John Bigelow wrote Tilden's biography it was published in 2 Volumes - Both Volumes are available on Kindle for $9.95 each. Each book runs over 450 pages each. Later this fall I will have the print version of Vol 1 published. Currently only Vol 2 is in print.
The feature film 1st draft script has been well received during a Table Read by Sundance. One of the suggestions made was to modify the story to present time...I respectfully disagree, but am always open to suggestions.

If you cannot see the video below click here to watch it on YouTube.
Announcements Previous Years

10/25/2019 - Writing 2 projects and hope to be done with both by Spring 2020

07/25/18 -Another year of research and started the script. 

​6/27/17 - Designed rough of the ships and will be filing patents by summers end. Much fun, really nice to be creating/writing again.

5/5/2017 - After 2 years of science research, Action Adventure Sci-fi/ script is moving 
​along nicely.

5/5/17 - "Tilden" books all available in digital format on Amazon and global bookstores. Production companies seeking new period piece material should review for film or series